Entering ninth graders are assigned to a teacher who will serve as their academic advisor throughout their four years of high school. 
Purpose of Advisory:
  • Connects students with school activities, clubs, and events and the greater NYC community
  • Monitors student academic progress
  • Provides internship and scholarship opportunities
  • The advisory teacher serves as a guide and as an advocate for the student during their time at Leadership
Advisory is held Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday afternoons. Each day serves a different purpose.
  • Monday = Circle Days- purpose is to help students develop social/emotional literacy through structured restorative circles.  The curriculum is adapted from the "Be the Change Guide" published by Morningside Center for Teaching Social Responsibility.
  • Tuesday = Current Events Day - Students read articles from DOE approved newspapers and sources to discuss current issues and how these issues relate to them.
  • Thursday = Content Focus Days - each grade level explores and discusses their own topic
    • 9th grade- Health and Wellness
    • 10th grade- Psychology and PSAT/SAT Prep
    • 11th grade- Sociology/Community Studies and PSAT/SAT Prep
    • 12th grade- College and Career Readiness 
Each grade level's advisory class is structured around a topic of focus. The topic for each grade level is meant to aid students through their development learning and to prepare students to apply for colleges and jobs/internships. 
Freshmen Advisory Outline:
Sophomore, Junior, and Senior Advisory Outline: 
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