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Greetings Leadership Parents /Grandparents & Guardians


Welcome to Leadership


My name is Valerie Casey and I am the Parent Coordinator here at Leadership.   In the role of parent coordinator, it is my responsibility  to help bridge the gap between teacher, student and home, to open lines of communication, and to help align different perspectives to promote the common good for each student.  


At Leadership and Public Service High School, one part of our mission is to prepare students for college and the workplace.  We are a community of professional educators who take our responsibilities seriously and who are dedicated to our mission.    All of this, of course, involves a great deal.  We cannot do this important work alone.  The partnership between home and school is a powerful one. We must work together as a team articulating the same goals, giving our children the same message, and remaining focused on the same prize—ON TIME PROMOTION AND ON TIME GRADUATION.  Everyday counts and every course counts.  


In order for our school to achieve the standard it is capable of, we need the support and participation of our parents to encourage and support our children’s successful journey through the challenging years of their high school career. When home and school work together, we can be a powerful force for our students


A school system without parents at its foundation is just like a bucket with a hole in it.....Jesse Jackson


Peace and Blessings

Valerie Casey

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