Syracuse University Mentor Mentee Alliance

SUMMA is the longest running mentoring program in New York City. Students are paired with a mentor who graduated from Syracuse University who mentors them throughout their years at Leadership and beyond. Students make life-long connections here, that extend into all aspects of life. Mentors and mentees will do events together, community service, practice for interviews, dinners and much more. Students can start with SUMMA as early as freshman year.

SUMMA Application

Welcome Dinner for New Students & Mentors

Thursday October 3

5:30 at Lubin House


Ms. Ibanez

SUMMA has 2 enrollment periods at the beginning and end of the school year. If you are interested in applying, you must speak to Ms. Ibanez to receive an application.

Upcoming Dates

Leadership and Public Service High School

90 Trinity Place, New York, NY 10006

212-346-0007 - Office

212-346-0612 - Fax

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